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music world? >> well, i mean, he defined the began a of go-go music -- genre of go-go music, i'm originally from washington, d.c., and ian just don't know life without chuck brown. certainly, he was able toab captivate audiences all the time, shows back to back to back, coming to multiple shows,t and heip was able to put go-go into a national arena and where people around the world know go-go music.c. >> what does this mean to you? personally?pe >> my heart is heavy and i feel sad because it's a staple of my growing up, and it's justs vetches, something that reminds me so much of home, i now reside in philadelphia, and i miss homm and wish i could be there with the folks today to celebrate him, and just being able to work
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with him once in my life is huge, and certainly just myus heart is heavy, but i know in aw the legacy he left will live on, especially through me and others like myself. >> thank you very we appreciate you joining us. >> here is a rare clip of the a duo with marion barry. >> councilman barry joins us live at fox 5 studios. we just heard aja touch on it. how much of a role do you think he has played in the identity of this city?y? >> i've known chuck brown over 40 years. every week, we would have musicians to come and play, and
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chuck brown just got -- he camee to perform, and we hit it off,o, as time went on, he became known as the godfather of go-go, he invented go-go, he made go-go an international sound, which ique. -- people buying. [ indiscernible ] my son who is now 31 couple times, i would -- beat the buckets with the go-go sound. >> the eye -- >> his graciousness, and his creativity, he played everything
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from jazz to rock to go-go, and, anything in between that. he was a genius, and he, and i just got, we just got to be good friends. i was talking to jim brown about chuck brown, and we pointed out that chuck brown was one of the few go-go artists that could perform anywhere, not have anyot rut -- ruckus, nothing. other day, they were doing a movie or something about his life, but he's an institution, he's a legend, and in fact, chuck brown was the only one had a gave me a run for the money in terms of legend. >> chuck brown's go-go will bewi playing -- >> and the children, and his family. i have deepest condolences andco
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prayers to them. >> we concur. thank you for coming in. now taxes are going up for many residents.nt for people making over $100,000, we have why this wasn't exactly a rubber stamp, we thought it was a done deal from the start. >> reporter: the actual tax increase bill just passed 77-60s which means just about a dozen democrats defected to the republican side, but it still passed. what does this mean? if you live in maryland and make over $100,000, you'll see anl se increase in your tax bill, and county governments will start sharing half in teacher pension costs. >> do we have a revenue problem or do we have a spending
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problem? >> reporter: after three days o intense debate over a deal that includes new taxes and shifting pension costs it came to a head at the state house. >> we talk about health and then state d of maryland, how they wl give a little bit of money. where did the money come from? >> reporter: republican leadersn denounce governor o'malley's plan to raise increase texass oa individuals earning overni ng$100,000, and household making over $150,000. >> the process that we'ret dealing with today is a fraud, in my and that's why i'm embarrassedwh to be here today. >> reporter: democrats warn ifm left alone, the previous budgetu would s have triggered automatic spending cuts, and cut school funding starting july 1. >> you have a responsibility tor everybody else, not just your
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county, every time there's money to be had, it can't go to my jurisdiction. >> what these budgets represent and probably why anyone couldan stands up on the floor and talka about something they're unhappy with is it's a compromise. >> reporter: but atmospherer: argue the bdeal hits -- but th argue that the deal hits statewide. critics say it's just a matter of time before those costs areco also passed on to taxpayers. >> it could cost the state carol, we don't know the answer to -- dearly, we don't know thet answer to the question yet, nobody does, nobody could.nob >> reporter: in the end, whilewh some democrats defected, the budget and tax deal passed, buts mike bush was not celebrating and it took a special session for the legislature to finish its work. >> it would have been much more appropriate to have done itave during the 90 day session, no doubt, but i think everyone felt
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responsible when we left withou a final >> reporter: that product, now heads to governor martin o'malley for his final signature governor o'malley issued aey statement congratulating theth legislature on their completion. this might not be the last time we see this legislature, brian. democratic leaders left the doo open to deal with campbelling this -- gambling this summer.t. a howard university hospitau workni certificate fightinger charges of says patient'ss ofpersonal details. indictments say this she sold patient names and socials ansecurity if convicted she faces ten year in prison. the hospital says it regrets the incident. the apparents and friends od
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-- parents and friends of ex- ex-gay's groups is the group known at p fox sentx flyers home claiming that people can choose to be heterosexual standpoint of gay. they claim the superintendent called the message reprehensible and dee the district said they had no choice but to he put out the the government key witnesser in the trial of roger clemens said he has lied before about facts and his memory has evolves korver night .er brian mcnamee testified he has been mistaken about some thingse paul wagner has more. >> reporter: mcnamee spent aboum two cnhours on the witness stan, sparring with the defense clemens and mcnamee first met in 1998, and he claims to have first injected the pitcher with
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steroids. he said he's not making anythinn up, but says he at times has lied. clemens' torr lawyer attacked hypothetical from several directions -- clemens' lawyer attacked him from severalse directions. ct eventually, there came the question, do you sometimes juste timake stuff up?st mcnamee has frequently takenuent long pauses before answering questions, but he didn't hesitate this time, he said ihe didn't make it up. clemens chief accuser was on the stand for two hours on one ofon the most important days, perhapp the most important day in theora purchasery trial of the 7-time -- perjury trial of the 7-time cy young winner.ung he said he never used steroids or human growth hormones. mcnamee admitted intentionally lying to investigators, saying he made mistakes with some facts and had a bad memory sometimes,
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but never wavered from theom statement that he injectedj clemens with steroids. sunny day, a warm day,w artemperatures still at 80. we're keeping an eye on a skinny little line of showers through pennsylvania. will it head in this direction?r i'll let you know as we continue. 
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first lady gets a receipt tv gig -- a reality tv gig.g >> facebook is getting ready to friend some investors. it is raising the number ofnu shares to 420 million, that'sli now onsign of red hot demand. facebook goes public on friday. new york stock exchange is doing test runs and bringing in special resources to handle thed heavy trading.
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michelle obama has booked another reality show appearance. he will appear on the food network restaurant impossible.un the show's host renovates struggling restaurants, and shen is in an episode about a community center that serves after-school meals here in dc. and president obama ispr causing some esheadaches for mtv producers. they air the video music awards an hour earlier to avoid a ratings clash with the president, he is accepting then democratic nomination on the same night in september. last year, more than 12 million people watched the awards show. that was the night beyonce announces her pregnancy on stage. that's a look at what is trending at 6:00. are you feeling down?fe a town within driving distance has been named one of the happiest places in the country.e >> teachers pull up a dancings break on putheir unsuspecting students. a teacher interviewed his students before cool let out for
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the summer. his fellow teachers are dancing in the background. the backgroun [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories...
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♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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just an hour and a half from dc, but city slickers can learnc something from this maryland town. the town really has something to smile about. >> reporter: maybe it's theit sound or sights, if you have to work during retirement, this ish a good office window.. >> how can you not be happy wit this. >> reporter: the word happyter: comes up the moment you're welcomed to solomon's island. >> we're happy every day, yeah. yeah. [ laughter ]la it doesn't change.t >> reporter: this community ofco
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1900 people are have made coastal living magazine's risk of america's -- list of america's happiest seaside towne >> i think stthey're right. >> reporter: when the broker heard the news. >> i smiled, because we ared, happy. what's not to like?o it's beautiful here. >> it's like another world. >> reporter: on this day, she'sh involved in a painting class upstairs at stony's king fisherr restaurant, there's plenty to eat and >> we have beautiful sun sets every day.ay. one of the things that people t like about thehi place is it ses there's water everywhere youte look.r take a look there. that's the river, this way, thi creek is calmed the narrows, and way into the distance, that isi the class peek bay.e -- k chesapeake >> i can look out esany window o my business, front, back, anywhere, see water. >> reporter: they considered things like crime rate,rate education, sunny days versus cloudy days. something you can't measure.yo >> you have u something happen o
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you, everybody comes to your rescue. i look people that are nice tot each other. >> reporter: lisa and herhe husband glided in. they own sales solomon. >> visitors say they cross a certain bridge, and they feeley the decompression, and they saa ah. i'm in my happy place. >> 15, what's with that? >> reporter: they plan to beplan happier next in solomon island. this just in, -- south carolina, that's number one.o >> i have been to solomon. it is >> there are so many things toso see here in dc, and you can take the little trips.thle >> perfect day today, all weekends. >> you could make that trip anyy
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time, but know everybody will bl outside the l next few days. we have a great forecast. a live look, it's delightful, it now, but we have a game-changerh coming a few hours.fe it's another w front, we'll call it the reinforcer, and it will come through about 8, 9:00 it, will lower the humidity, ithumi might inspires an isolatedis shower or random thunderstorm here so we will wait and seeand what it does. i'll show you what it's doing now. first look at the high temperatures today, we did get up to 82 degrees here in the district, 83 at dulles, prettyue much what s,we expected. humidity has dropped, as we've gone through the afternoon, so we hope the air over our area io fairly stable, so that when theh showers and storms, if there arr any e left, come out ofle pennsylvania, perhaps they'll gh away, after last night's showers i think most of us have had enough. temperature is 80 grease in d -- degrees in dc, up to 84 degrees,
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so it's definitely warm butfini tomorrow, it looks like we'll take another 7 or 8 degrees offe the highs.hi some high, then clouds at the moment. but what we are watching is some moisture collecting and some clouds along the frontalfr boundary. nowhere near the coverage when showers and storms were moving from south to north. but skinny band, and several models are insistent that will hold together. i want you to future cast just a little ahead of where the line of showers was, but around 10:00 or so, future castca suggests there could be isolatea showers and maybe a thunderstorm with that, so we'll keep an eye on that, and be on at 10:00, how convenient, to let you knowu where that line will by 8:00 a.m., it's out of here, we're noticing lower humidity,
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brilliant skies, and a refreshing thursday. friday looking good, so we keep the sunshine going into theth weekend, and overnight,ov temperature about 60 degrees, spotty showers, an isolateda storm maybe, and turning clear with the winds from the north at 5-10. tomorrow, a beautiful day,, 74 degrees, so quite a billa cooler than today. -- quite a bit cooler than today. refreshing, winds from the north. in the morning, a few clouds, temperature of 62, nice at noon, 70 degrees, and by 5:00, the temperature 74 degrees. here's a look where we think soe will be in the next 24 hours.he 74 for ndc, leonard town, 68, , 80 on saturday, 83 on sunday, a little warmer, and here isis eurekaness and the forecast thic -- preakness, and asthe forecas, nice and warm, with temperaturee between 76 and 80. let's gallop through the 5-day
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forecast, we keep this goingth into monday, brian, with just a few clouds around.ou that is a nice 5-day.c e he experienced a seasonson ending injury in his first yearf with the twins, and now hightower is back. >> larry the bird showing hissh owners ohow to do this popular dance, going viral on youtube. y. so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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organized team activitynize begins at d redskins park.r 90 players will be in the attendance, including tim hightower, who resigned with thr teames this week. he was acquired from theth cardinals the day before last year's training he began inthe season as the
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redskins starting running back.a he left with 321 yards and scored to touchdowns in thein first five games, but on october 23, he injured his lefte knee against the he missed the rest of thehe season. he has rehabbed and resigned with the buggy and gold, afterol -- burgundy and gold. >> they say home is where the heart is, my heart was here from day one.da i grew up here, a lot of richri traditions here.trad when i first stepped on theth redskins park, he was embraced by the fans, the coaching stafft and that's where i anticipated coming back, and that's where i desire to be. >> wong pitched this afternoon. he will make one more rehab starts. they want to make sure hehe bounces back, but they're buyin time to decide how he fits intot
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the s crowded rotation. tonight, the nats play the pirates. the last night, the batter thin it's ball 4, and heads to first. but it's called a strike. now he has a full count.full so the next pitch from rodney, looks high. the umpire punching him out. he goes ballistic. the manager tries to keep hemh separated. lowry hit him with the helmet. he's suspended four games.r jays edge the rays 4-3. coyotes and kings, the goalie mike smith cuts down smith received a flashing penalty. brown called for diving. coyotes player drills brown,br head first into the boards.. hansel, game misconduct.m jeff carter scores on theth
6:27 pm
rebound, his third goal of the game, first king to score a hat trick since wayne gretzky in 1993. kings lead the series 2-1.2- and georgetown university wasw picked to host the 2013 sweet 16.t united hosts dc colorado. that's sports, back to you. complete team coverage oner the passing of the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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